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Resilience Training




The Youth Life-Skills Resilience Program:


 Reduces Anxiety - aiding concentration and ability to learn

 Develops effective Social Skills

 Builds self-efficacy and self-esteem

 Develops problem solving, decsion making and negotiation   skills

 Increases emotional awareness 

 Reduces anger

 Teaches you how to bounce back from difficulties


How is it run? 
  1. The programme runs for 12 sessions

  2. Each session runs 1 hour

  3. Sessions will be given in my office at Consultation de la Cote, Nyon (see contact page)

  4. Sessions are split per age group:

    7-9 year olds

    10-13 years old

    14 - 17 years old

  5. Sessions are given in groups with a max of 5 children

  6. Sessions are based on canned examples and children are not asked to supply their own unless they are willing

  7. Each child gets their own resilience workbook

  8. Children explore skills through cartoon characters and real life examples. These are modified per age group.

  9. Costs: chf80 per session, billed monthly. (ASCA accredited so covered by certain insurances)

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Groups start running again January 2019

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