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"Dr Laurence is a thorough, dedicated and compassionate Educational Psychologist. She goes beyond the call of duty and brings one reassurance when necessary. We will be eternally grateful for her input in our lives and the way in which she interacted/connected with our son  Zack."

- Benedicte and Chad Patterson, Indonesia

"Laurence van Hanswijck de Jonge was really incredible. She works tirelessly for her patients.  Our family was helped by Laurence more than we could have ever imagined. We were treated as a friend rather than a number. Laurence really cared and seems to quickly be able to access what is needed and get the confidence of her patients, not easy when she has to understand confused teens.  She was responsive, gave constant communication, and had commitment and dedication to help and get 'real' results.  A key benefit is the coping strategies she develops with her patients, they last forever.  Our daughter found Laurence tough but 'amazing' and the trust she generated really helped restore much of her confidence during some very confusing times.  As parents,  any concern or questions we had were addressed and valued and our anxieties were always reassured. Client focus is a clear mandate.  Laurence was impeccably professional to work with. We couldn't have asked for more.  Cannot recommend Laurence enough, she managed us through a very difficult time.  Thank you!"

- Family of a 17 yr old

"My son was already 16 when we first met with Laurence, he has  always struggled at school, his results just never reflected what we knew he was capable of.  He connected straight away with Laurence and she was so thorough in her testing and analysis of him, far more than previous doctors have ever been. After being mis-diagnosed with ADD 8 years ago, despite his late age, Laurence has given him not only the tools to cope with his dysgraphia but the belief in himself that he can succeed.  Our sessions with her have been so encouraging not only for Matthew but for me as parent, for which I am so grateful. "

-Brenda, South Africa

"I can say that Dr Laurence saved my son's life. Two years ago we had to face very difficult situation and no Dr here where we live was able to identify my son's learning difficulties. All specialists we went to diagnosed him with- "no obvious problem, however there is something wrong with him". As a mother I became desperate searching for answers and this is when I found Dr Laurence. Dr Laurence help me to understand my son`s difficulties by opening my eyes to dyslexia, auditory processing and LD; she was very supportive and patient through the entire journey. Dr Laurence helped us `see the light at the end of the tunnel`, I cannot imagine what would happen to my son if we hadn't meet her? Today my son plays piano, it`s Dr Laurence who strongly advised us to learn piano or guitar to help my son`s AP. Four months ago he had a concert in front of 150 people where he played piano on the stage. As soon as he turned 14 he did his scooter licence (previous teaches said he will never ever be able to pass driving test in his life), he is finally learning at school. We still have lots of work ahead of us, however today my son is not the boy he was 2 years ago and we have positive hopes for his future. Thank you Dr Laurence! I wish there were more Dr's like you!"

- J.S, Ticino

"Dr. Van Hanswijck readily gained the trust of my teenage son and helped him own his choices and future - where other professionals did not- she gained the trust of my son for him to confront how he could help him self."

-RA Switzerland


 "Laurence was excellent with my son and has a nature way with children making them feel comfortable, confident and special. After the initial diagnosis Laurence followed up with exercises to do at home and further 1:1 sessions to ensure suitable progress was being made. She was professional and thorough throughout the process and I couldn’t recommend her more highly." 

-Veronica Huntington, UK


“It took many years of failed attempts by others before we could find someone with the right combination of expertise and compassion that could overcome the barriers and engage in such a way that has led to necessary understanding, and that someone was Laurence van Hanswijck de Jonge. We are very grateful. "

-Barry and Joyce, Singapore


"Upon recommendation from school, we had our daughter assessed by Laurence. This has been extremely useful for us, giving us the answers we needed. We now have a plan, both in terms of study skills, and in terms of self-confidence. We are so pleased that we learned about this assessment, and can help our daughter!" 

-Machteld & Peter, Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland


"Laurence is a very experienced professional who practices with integrity and expansive knowledge within her field. She is an excellent communicator and is a wonderful collaborative professional who supports other professionals with her great expertise. I had the absolute pleasure of working collaboratively with Laurence for two years and experienced her professional approach in different contexts, all equally impressive."  

-Diana Smit, Canada

 "Laurence has been a boon - her pragmatic and insightful approach has equipped my child with the tools to tackle her anxiety both now and and in the future. Not only that, she has helped me better understand my daughter’s feelings. It’s a relief for us to know she’s there." 

-C. France

​ "Laurence has a very honest approach in her work, which is much appreciated in what can be an extremely difficult set of circumstances for both the young patient and his/her family. She interacted with our teen in a very non-patronizing way, showing both respect and understanding.”

-K.M. United Kingdom

"Our child had therapy sessions with Mrs Hanswijck from the age of 10 years. She provided a very comprehensive assessment which remains very helpful even now, 8 years later. She is a patient professional who was able to listen to us and to our child, bridge the teenage defiance, and create trust. She remained kind and open, she was always able to maintain  professional distance to stay firm. Our son developed socially with a deeper understanding of relationships. His progress was tangible. Today we live in a different canton, but we still depend on Mrs Hanswijck to provide background about our son to other professionals. "

-A & R.Gregus

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